Scenario Planning Applications Network

Scenario Planning Applications Network

The Scenario Planning Applications Network (SPAN) is a US-based group of tool developers, practitioners and academics focusing on supporting scenario work in urban and regional planning. 

We are interested in all scales of development - urban, suburban and rural. Our interests and applications bridge all phases of planning, including context assessment, scenario generation, indicator development, outcome analysis, plan making and public engagement and communications. 

We address various forms of scenario planning, including predictive, normative and exploratory. Our tools apply current research to leading-edge sketch applications rather than to complex, integrated models. We are motivated by the ideal of open source, accessible platforms and tools that will encourage the wide adoption of useful methods and techniques for planning. Our interest in sustainability means our work includes the environmental, health, economic and land use/urban design arenas. 

We convene for an annual conference and hold regular conference calls and webinars to present our work and discuss common interests. 

Note that the Scenario Planning Applications Network was formally the Open Planning Tools Group (OPTG).